High School DXD Character Fan Art – 10 Examples You Have To See!

High School DxD is famous for its action-packed storyline and a few controversial scenes. Let us tell you now that this article may have content that may be deemed as inappropriate but some people.

While the quality of the fan art is there, you wouldn’t find much that involved the actual plot. It’s mostly Akeno, Koneko, and Rias for the obvious reasons.

10. Akeno, are you okay?


This digital fan art made by (@red_headed_drawing) features Akeno deep into her thoughts. It’s adorable because there were actual scenes where Akeno seemed like she was drifting into space.

9. Koneko likes apples


I need your opinions on this one. Can this High School DxD fan art fall under the lolita category as well? Either way, Koneko is just adorable in this artwork by (@osoreru_no_sekai)!

8. Akeno says “Eureka!”


(@stephen._.draws) has been creating anime fan art for a while now. Though he hasn’t gotten much of a following yet, his dedication to traditional mediums of art is commendable.

7. Issei’s Diabolos Dragon


(@boogadies) is very much like any other otaku out there. He is a fan of High School DxD along with other anime series like Tenchi Muyo, Tsugumomo, and many more. His attention to detail is highlighted in this fan art – we see the different dimensions of the armor including the jewels’ glare due to the light source.

6. Issei Holding Up His Gauntlet


While looking for High School DxD fan art to feature, this piece by (@maddbirb) stood out. It’s focused on Issei’s pride and joy.

5. Rias is Reaching Out


Using markers in creating illustrations like this may look easy but getting different tones can be quite the challenge and that’s why this piece by (@newchristucker1998) is at number 5.

4. Akeno is Cheering for You!


This is one of the more controversial ones that we have mentioned earlier in this article. While it looks great, it may come off as inappropriate to other people. Bottom line is this High School DxD fan art by (@mi.tzu) is amazing!

3. Portrait of Rias

This portrait of Rias Gremory is beautiful! It encapsulates her beauty and highlights her mischievous nature at the same time. Thank you, (@ryumiko)!

2. Issei and Rias

This High School DxD fan art is an oldie but goodie by (@JP_Agustin21)!

1. Rias as The Bunny

This artwork by (@ibusos) reminds me of a Playboy cover photo. Timeless, classic and a treat to the eyes!

Not to worry! The Stake will keep you in the loop for any announcements in relation to High School DxD’s new season. In the meantime, keep producing awesome fan art and check this article for any updates.

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