Attack On Titan Character Fan Art – 10 Examples You Have To See!

The upcoming season of Attack On Titan is a bittersweet one. While it’s awesome that we get to see our favorite characters, we also have to bid them farewell which is why we came up with a list of 10 Attack On Titan Fan Art you should definitely see!

10. Rod Reiss

It’s Inktober and (@chrisfigdraws) took the October 5’s prompt only to draw something Attack On Titan-related.

9. Hanji

For anyone’s information, Weebtober is something similar to Inktober. You get prompts each day of the month and you can draw anything related to that. The only difference is Weebtober is limited to anime-related things. Thank you, (@juulidraws)!

8. Framed Hanji

This is the way to properly “illustrate” a spoiler. You see a framed image meaning someone’s going back to a memory but the candle in the frame puts everything into a different perspective. Thanks, (@pyar_art)!

7. Annie

Everything is amazing about this quick sketch that (@art_frey421) did but making the highlight n the cheek diagonal would make it even better.

6. Goth Mikasa

While the first picture that (@pamira.chan) may not look that impressive, click the arrow that goes right so you can see how much detail this Attack On Titan fan art has. From the folds of the clothes to the buckles!

5. Levi with a Knife

This is official story board quality, (@art_amandine)! Levi Ackerman looks so intense!

4. Levi Sitting Down

In this Attack On Titan fan art, we see Levi sitting on a chair. The artist, (@c_h.e_r.i_e), blended the colors perfectly that it’s not that distinguishable which medium was used.

3. WIP

For a Work In Progress (WIP) shot, this is beautiful. We see different shades especially in the titan’s teeth and the texture of the face. Thanks, (@fleshy_wetness)!

2. Mikasa

Athough (@kaikkei)’s caption is hinting some degree of disappointment, this Attack On Titan made our day. It just has the lightness to it and it gives you hope. Mikasa has endured so much and is holding on to her hope to fight again the next day.

1. Female Eren

Alright, Eren is already attractive as a man but illustrating him as a woman just completed my fantasy! Thank you for this, (@_.eren_yeager_).

That concludes our list! Stay up to date with the latest news and announcements for Attack on Titan season 4 while we all eagerly await the shows final installment.

Do you have other Attack On Titan fan art in mind? Comment the link below and we’ll give it a look…maybe a feature too!

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