Tower of God Season 2 Character Fan Art: 10 Examples You Have To See!

The nearing release of Tower of God’s newest season has gotten fans excited and has gotten them creating amazing fan art.

In this article, we picked out 10 fan-made artworks that honor their favorite show Tower of God. Out of all the fandoms that The Stake has encountered, Tower of God has some of the most exceptional fan art. Here are 10 amazing examples:

10. Anak

While we haven’t seen much of Anak fan art, this made it to this list because of how crisp the lines are. It almost looks like a screenshot from the Tower of God series!

9. Rak, Khun, and Baam

It seems like the Tower of God fandom likes drawing Rak, Baam, and Khun together. This fan art has that mid-2000’s vibe to it and we are living for it.

8. Rak, Baam, and Khun Take a Selfie

This “selfie” is so adorable! Even though it’s just a Tower of God fan art, the creator Chrome (@cordmonochrome) was still able to capture their individual quirks and relationship.

7. The King is Baam

If Tower of God became a deck of cards, this is how the king should look like. Thank you, Kimichan (@kimichan_art), for this amazing Tower of God fan art.

6. Hatsu

In this Tower of God fan art made by Kyle (@wrthlsboi), we see how defined Hatsu’s muscles are and it’s awesome! The dimensions are well-captured and even the fingers look great.

5. Khun is Sleeping

Alright, let us all be quiet because Khun is sleeping. Thank you Alice (@YuliceChan) for creating this amazing Tower of God fan art.

4. Khun is Blue

Okay, it seems like all fandoms has that one character people are crazy about. For Tower of God, it’s Khun. Kimichan’s (@kimichan_art) illustration of Khun emphasizes his signature color – blue.

3. Tower of God Fan Art Poster

The production value of this Tower of God fan art is just beyond words. One would even think that this is from the creators themselves. Thank you, Gongqian (@gongqian_) for blessing every fan’s lives with this.

2. Jue Viole Grace (Baam)

How do you capture a character’s power while keeping his or her grace at the same time? This Tower of God fan art is a perfect example of how that can be obtained. In Lovertee’s (@lovertee_arts)depiction of Baam’s sworn enemy, viewers can see that the character is Baam which encompasses some issues present in real life as well. That analogy is one of the reasons why Tower of God is a hit.

1. Your Majesty

You would think that this is leaked from the upcoming Tower of God season, right? It’s not, it’s a fan art by Shiokara (@shiokara).

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