Terminator: Genisys will make you like Satan

One of English Literatures greatest scenes comes in John Milton’s Paradise Lost. Satan, former angel, now fallen to hell and leading the war against God, is in the Garden of Eden. Full of malice, fierceness, and fierce intent, Satan is laying his plans to take the throne of Heaven.

Unexpectedly, however, Satan comes upon Eve, the first (and then, only) woman in creation. Her beauty stuns him, and overtakes his capacity to wile any thought for his own purposes while in the presence of such a singular specimen as Eve (thus, stupid).

In that moment, Milton describes Satan thusly:

That space the Evil one abstracted stood
From his own evil, and for the time remaind
Stupidly good.

This, my friends, is how I felt watching the new trailer for Terminator: Genisys. Abstracted from my own mind or thoughts, entranced completely by what I had stumbled upon. I could not form a concept of what I was watching, only behold in silent awe this shiny new creation.

Not by the beauty of course. No, with Terminator Genisys, I was rapt stupid by the sheer, well, stupidity of the thing. So much awesome dumbness, wrapped up in scenes pulled exactly out of previous Terminator movies and seemingly without concern for the fact that everything here was previously made IN THE  SAME SERIES.

Is this a reboot or the next chapter or both or who cares. Logic cannot stand against the unflinching stupidly awesomeness of this movie trailer.

Stand in awe, Satan, stupidly stupid.

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