Dark Horse to release Serenity continuation

I would wager that no show had a shorter life and a greater reach than Firefly. Whedon’s space-western only survived on air for eleven episodes before cancellation, though fifteen were made and released on DVD.

But those fifteen episodes, they touched their audience. So much so that the yearning of the browncoats eventually led to a feature film, Serenity, picking up the story of the Firefly and it’s crew of rabble-rousing space-smugglers.

And now, Dark Horse Comics will pick up where Serenity left off, with a new book of the same name, Serenity. The book will pick up at the conclusion of the 2005 film.

This is welcome news. Not only because readers will get to spend more time with Mal and the crew–always an enticing plan–but because the continuation at Dark Horse will feature the work of Georges Jeanty, from Dark Horse’s other Whedon title, Buffy the Vampire Slayer.

Head over to Comic Book Resources to see a few of Jeanty’s pages. According to CBR, “the identity of the writer remains a secret for now.” Curious.




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